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Our offers

Change Management &

Managing Open Innovation

Sustainable Business Development & IT

Systemdesign & Systeminnovation

Business Innovation

We design and lead exploratory projects in the ECO system, across organizational boundaries and in cross-functional teams;

Managing In-Between (MIB) Innovation.

The process is characterized by difference, diversity and uncertainty, which creates great prerequisites for innovation and groundbreaking results!

Business Transformation

We design and lead transformative projects in the EGO system - with well-defined goals and deliveries. Always from a sustainability perspective!

Agenda 2030 & Ethical AI

Since 2006, we have been helping responsible companies and organizations to adjust and steer their operations towards a more sustainable and circular future. We integrate business goals with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provides support for ethical AI.

Business Opportunities

Maximize business opportunities by linking business goals to global goals. Often with IT and AI as an enablers for innovation.

Risk Management

Minimize the risks that the business directly or indirectly contributes negatively to the global goals


Socially and technically difficult challenges must be solved at a high system level, which requires a holistic approach and collaboration between businesses, academia, authorities and citizens. The more actors and subsystems required to achieve a system solution, the more complexity increases. We have the experience and tools to handle system of systems complexity in multidisciplinary teams.


Through our network-based organization and our solid personal networks, nationally and internationally, we can offer the broad expertise every system solution requires!


"We help responsible companies and organizations to find the right strategies and steer towards sustainable business development & innovation."

"We have solid experience of running projects with high complexity and challenging contexts. By successfully managing the interface between IT and the business, a well-functioning and sustainable ECO-system is created."

The SEVS Way
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The SEVS Way

The world is facing major societal and technological challenges. Characteristic of a societal challenge is that no individual actor can develop the solution on his own. A cross-border collaboration is required where several companies and organizations collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams, in order to gain a greater understanding of the whole, the underlying parameters and how they interact in the overall system. This leads to increased complexity that needs to be addressed. Malmeken has experience, knowledge and a strategic analysis tool (The SEVS Way) to manage and fully utilize the potential in these types of exploratory projects

SEVS is an Open Innovation Platform initiated as a FFI project in 2009 by SAFER and the Swedish Electromobility Center, within Chalmers. Several strategic and exploratory SEVS projects have been implemented with a focus on sustainable transport and mobility solutions 2030+.

One of several results is The SEVS Way, which offers a set of tools to help organizations and entire sectors systematically analyze and address complex societal and technological challenges.

"The question is not which solutions can be realized but which solutions will be realized - and why and with what consequences."

Strategic outlook

Dealing with complexity

A system solution is complex and often requires cross-border cooperation between industries, academia, authorities and citizens. The SEVS Way is a strategic analysis tool and a systematic process for managing complexity and for solving societal challenges from several different perspectives in multi-disciplinary teams.

External analysis

With our driving force model, we shed light on political, social, economic, technical, spatial and environmental dimensions, which form the basis for describing different scenarios or so-called Strategic Business Domains.

Future analysis

Companies and organizations must understand and relate to several future scenarios, by adapting their goals, solutions and strategies to meet the uncertain future, both short-term and long-term. The SEVS Way is generic and can be used for analysis of all types of complex systems, including information systems and "systems of systems".



One and the same solution can be more or less sustainable, or even feasible, depending on the business domain in which it operates. Therefore, each solution must be designed and analyzed based on the respective scenario. The result of the analysis will be a number of so-called GOs, which address the direction of guidance for various actors in both the EGO and ECO systems, (see first page).

A solution has greater potential to become more sustainable if several companies collaborate across industries to achieve circular flows.

"Complexity cannot be reduced, it must be managed. To do that, we must understand the interplay between different stakeholders, technological development, resources and society."

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2014-09-04 1480.JPG

AI - Ethical considerations

Artificial Intelligence is an enabler for achieving more sustainable solutions in many industries. Those who manufacture AI systems want to maximize business opportunities and at the same time minimize the risks by offering reliable AI systems, i e they must be designed, developed and used in a legal, ethical and robust manner. A holistic and system-based approach is required, which includes all actors included in the system throughout its life cycle.


What are the technical and societal challenges with AI? What ethical and legal considerations must we make when designing and developing the solutions - what are the risks and what are the opportunities? In what way can AI directly or indirectly contribute positively to the implementation of the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals and at the same time strengthen the organization's innovation and competitiveness?

The strategic analysis tool The SEVS Way can be used to address the above mentioned questions, as well as to analyze social challenges such as "AI and Ethical Consideration".

"We help companies and organizations to integrate AI systems to UN:s 17 Sustainable Development G."

About Malmeken

About Malmeken

Good profitability on good grounds

Malmeken AB was founded in 2006 by the innovator and parallel entrepreneur Else-Marie Malmek. She is a co-founder of Juteborg Sweden AB (2013) and of Sustainable System of System Solutions - 4S AB (2020). Initiator of Volvo Car Sunfleet (1996). Else-Marie is also a co-founder of the open innovation platform SEVS,


Malmeken AB is a network-based company. For 35 years, we have built up a solid network with partners, both in industry, academia and government. We also have good international relations; specifically with Bangladesh.


Sustainable System of Systems solutions - 4S AB is an independent development partner with a focus on system innovation. The company designs and integrates "systems by systems" into sustainable transport and mobility solutions, often based on automation. Business and technology are integrated by connecting Strategic Design Domains - SDD ®, with Operational Design Domains - ODD.


Juteborg Sweden AB is an innovative and entrepreneurial development partner based on jute and jute composites, and cross-industry circular material flows. The company's business concept is to transform the industries automotive / transport and construction / interior with the help of high tech jute - the world's most sustainable material.


SAFER is an arena for interdisciplinary research and open innovation. SAFER's holistic strategy for road safety includes people, vehicles and infrastructure. The open innovation platform SEVS is based at SAFER. Both Malmeken AB and 4S AB are associate members of SAFER.

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