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About Malmeken

Else-Marie Malmek founded Malmeken AB in 2006 with the business idea Sustainable Business Development & IT. She got the idea back in 1996, when she, as an employee at Volvo Cars as an "IS / IT Idéspruta", took the initiative for a connected concept car with the business idea Car Sharing; the embryo for Sunfleet - Volvo Car Sharing. Even then, she realized the power of using IT as an enabler for sustainability and completely new and innovative business models.
Else-Marie is innovative and entrepreneurial and has a talent for handling complex systems. She has a B.Sc in Information Analysis and has since 1986 worked cross borders IT and Business, mainly in the automotive industry. She has a strong drive and ability to take a good idea for implementation. Else-Marie has over the years built up a solid business network with different companies, organizations and different professions, both nationally and internationally. Else-Marie is a certified board member through the StyrelseAcademien and has over the years worked on several boards.
Malmeken AB is a network-based and flexible company that is happy to collaborate with other companies, organizations and individuals who are also passionate about a more sustainable world!

Magnus Kuschel (PhD) is close to Malmeken AB. He has solid experience of change management in various forms, as a senior consultant, as a project manager, or in other roles. Magnus contributes with strong commitment and a lot of innovation and works to create value with IT, business benefits and collaboration for sustainable development.

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